How to take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 and 11

How to take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 and 11

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  • I’m very satisfied with W10 and don’t see the appeal of upgrading to W11 for now, or maybe for years.
  • This was known as News and Interests in Windows 10, but in Windows 11, that gets replaced by Widgets .
  • This will open a small popup consisting of different grid sizes based on your monitor size.

The Bluetooth adapter could also be listed under the Other devices section due to some errors. Aside from the new Bluetooth connection panel, Windows 11 build includes some interesting new features, including a collapsable taskbar for tablets and new emoji. Those were added with build 22557, which wasn’t available for ARM64 PCs due to a breaking bug. Once you complete the steps, the option to add Bluetooth devices should appear in the Settings app. If you have to update the driver, you will need to download the package from the manufacturer’s support website and use its instructions to install the update.

Screenshots have also played a key role as an FBI tool and for sharing hot gossip. In the recent past, the use of screenshots has gained popularity as a quick and convenient way of communicating ideas and illustrations. Since the advent of Windows Vista Operating System, the screenshot feature has come in handy and remains the most convenient way of capturing and saving a picture on your desktop. Modern PCs using Windows 7, 8, 10 and other operating systems like Mac and Linux come equipped with inbuilt tools for taking screenshots.

Once the Windows 11 update file has been downloaded, find it on your drive and double-click the file to begin the installation. No operating system or software is designed to last forever, and Windows 8.1 is no exception. Microsoft has decided to end support for Windows 8.1 on January 10, 2023, after which the operating system will no longer receive security or maintenance updates. HDR can add quite a lot to a game, but unfortunately, it isn’t natively supported by all games.

How to Automatically Save the Screenshot Without Editing It


To capture only part of the screen, press Command+Shift+4, and then select the area of the screen you want to screenshot. Once the image is successfully pasted into a program, it can be saved or printed. Windows ink is easy to reach via win+w and for getting a quick screenshot of a region, it is probably the best on-board tool, even without a pen. A comparison of all native screenshot taking options of the Windows 10 operating system, and tips on how to get the most out of the functionality of each.

Right-click the adapter and select the Enable device option to resolve the issue. In the case that the Bluetooth option is missing from the Settings app, then the adapter may be disabled, or there’s a problem with the driver package. After you complete the steps, the troubleshooter will run, detect, and fix common problems that may be preventing you from using Bluetooth devices on your computer. After you complete the steps, you can test the feature by walking away with your phone, for example, and returning after a few minutes to find the device locked. Alternatively, you can always turn off your phone temporarily to test the feature.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

Updated Chipset drivers might also be available; apply them to see if it improves connectivity. Swift Pair is a service in Windows 10 that allows you to pair supported Bluetooth devices with your PC, thereby reducing the steps needed to pair devices. If the device also supports Swift Pair, you’ll get a notification whenever it’s within range or nearby to make it discoverable. So, you have managed to get Bluetooth enabled but still having trouble connecting your device? This is quite a common issue users come across but it can be quite easily fixed.

Once the Startup menu shows up using any keys to boot into Safe Mode. In the right pane, for the Advanced startup option, click on Restart now. You will be asked, do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? This is perhaps one of the most old-school methods that you and I use very often. There are different ways you can try to get the job done. I will walk you through different methods, and you can pick whichever you prefer.