How to take ScreenShot on Windows 10 PC Computer Laptop

How to take ScreenShot on Windows 10 PC Computer Laptop

For those people, we’ve put this simple guide together on how to install Windows on a new drive. Below is a list of scenarios where you might want to transfer your Windows. This is where you create the primary and recovery drives for Windows. Simply selectnewin the bottom right-hand corner of the page and clickapply. Next, Windows will give you a list of Windows versions to choose from.

You may have to press the Fn key on your laptop in order to use it, as many laptops share key functions. If you don’t have a Print Screen key, you can use the On-Screen Keyboard. This will bring up a small, rectangular toolbar at the top of the screen.

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It is recommended to install the latest version of Python, which is 3.7.3 at the time of writing this article. Technically, these are the same options available through the “Reset this PC” settings. However, you can also access the feature through the “Advanced startup” options, making it ideal for performing a clean installation of Windows 10 when the computer has problems.

  • There are 2 different methods explained in detail in this article, you can easily rotate the screen with and without a keyboard.
  • This article covers how to change the orientation of the display on your computer display to landsape or portrait using the Display menu or using keyboard shortcuts.
  • That’s it now every time the PC starts, it will make the mapping of this remote directory on to this computer for all the users that login to it.
  • Click on the preview notification to open the Snip & Sketch app on your computer.

After you take a screenshot on Windows, the snipping tool image editor will open with the screenshot inside it. The snipping tool itself check this link has limited options for editing the screenshot especially with free-form, but it also has a button to open the screenshot in Paint. This method copies the image to the clipboard. You can use your favorite editing app to access and save it.


Ctrl+Alt+Arrow are keys that can be used to rotate your screen. It is likely that you are not using Intel graphics if you do not see the Intel Graphics Settings tool. While it’s perfectly possible to have multiple monitors running in landscape mode, it may be that you lack the desk space to house more than two in this format. Or it might just be inconvenient to have two large frames stretching across your home office space. In this instance, it’s sometimes better to move to portrait mode. Options for rotating your PC’s screen may also be available in your Intel or NVIDIA, depending on what graphics hardware your PC has.

You will need to modify the ntfs permissions for each folder and only give the individual user access to it. Now the user is mapping a department drive and a personal drive. The new GPO is now created and linked, now it’s time to configure the settings.

When you create a new snip, the screen will fade into white and the only window left clickable is that of the Snipping Tool. Draw your snip area by holding down the mouse and dragging the cursor to create a shape. You can also select the window you want to snip if you’re going to do a window snip. Release the mouse to complete the area selection.

Right-click the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Under Display, select Rotate Display and select your screen orientation. Right-click the desktop and select Intel Graphics Settings.